Your solution for Executive Benefits.

For more than 30 years Nolan Financial has delivered custom designed executive benefit solutions.

Recruit, Reward and Retain.

Properly designed nonqualified plan solutions provide a wealth of benefits to both participants and the plan sponsor.

For more than 30 years, Nolan Financial has focused on the custom design, enrollment, funding and recordkeeping of executive benefit solutions for public corporations, private enterprises, and tax-exempt organizations. Nolan Financial works closely with organizations in diverse industries including health care, insurance, legal entities, utilities, financial services, consulting, retailing, and manufacturing.

Deferred Compensation Plans

An attractive, flexible benefit solution to supplement and complement existing qualified plans. Nonqualified plans do not have restrictions on the amount or level of benefits allowed, making these plans extremely appealing to key executives.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

An agreement between an employer and a key executive, where the employer agrees to provide either a stated amount of retirement income or a set contribution amount to the executive, who may have contributed the legal maximum to their qualified plan(s).

Long-Term Bonus Plans

Similar to a SERP, LTBP allows an employer to provide a valuable benefit to larger group of employees, outside of the executive group.


Bank Owned Life Insurance

Life insurance purchased by a bank on its key employees (typically limited to the top 35% most highly compensated employees) to provide a stable, low-risk source of financing that can generate gains to offset the rapidly rising cost of providing employee benefits, such as medical, group life, supplemental life, and qualified retirement plan expenses.

457 Plans

Specialized nonqualified deferred compensation plans for tax-exempt organizations that can offer deferral opportunities as well as retention through company sponsored contributions.

Supplemental Executive Insurance Plans

A key component of a comprehensive, competitive benefit program often includes supplemental life and disability insurance. More and more organizations are providing these options to their executives and other key employees to complement their existing group benefit programs. Group benefit plans alone often cannot provide the level of coverage highly compensated executives really need.

Over 30 years of Service

Nolan Financial was founded in 1989 and is headquartered just outside our nation’s capital in Bethesda, Maryland with representatives nationwide.

Unique in the Industry Client Service Model

Nolan Financial employs a team-based service structure with dedicated service teams providing every aspect of service and administration. This holistic team approach provides our clients unparalleled service.

Experience and Accuracy

Nolan Financial boast an average tenure of 13 years with an average of 16 years industry experience. This level of expertise, experience and low employee turnover combined with our internal controls and industry leading recordkeeping system has allowed Nolan Financial to obtain our SOC-1 audit for more than 15 consecutive years with no material exceptions.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck